"Always say yes to a challenge - your limit is far off from where you think it is"

Oana Damian

Innovation, Digital Transformation & Process Optimization, Strategy Planning, Marketing Analysis

Oana Damian is a multi-lingual innovator with a great analytical mind, who loves challenging the status-quo. The experience of working and living in London (where she currently resides), New York, Brazil, Spain and Transylvania with professional roles in marketing, business development, infrastructure consulting, and corporate strategy and operations. Oana developed and implemented the first structured organizational innovation program at Sabre for EMEA, by driving alignment at all organization levels and executing on opportunities with quantifiable impact. She is involved in the UK startup community, advising on marketing, pitch development, and exit strategies. Sports aficionado, Oana is a Crew Captain for London Midnight Runners, the most significant running club in London and a community which she has helped build.

Oana holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing, PR & Communication, and an MBA.

In IG, Oana Damian is involved in projects on innovation, digital transformation & process optimization, strategy planning, marketing plan analysis, and operations.