“Make your passion become your mission, and your mission became your obsession."

Katie Hayley Knight

Branded content specialist, press, PR and video marketing

Katie Hayley Knight studied Journalism alongside Audiovisual Communication as a double degree. She has been involved in social media for several years working at Amnesia Ibiza as Community Manager  / Engagement, L’Atlantida, and many other projects. She has also always been very active in press and communication, being Head of Press in Amnesia Ibiza and presenter for Amnesia TV, MediaPro and Groovety, and other projects such as DJ Mag TV, Medusa Festival TV, and Corona TV. She recently launched Knightcube, her agency.

When we talk about Katie’s passions, sport and cooking take the lead.

In IG, Katie Hayley Knight works as a branded content specialist, press, PR and Video Marketing.