"Focusing on building a habit of paying the utmost attention to detail to reach the end of every day feeling happy and smiling but never satisfied”

Enrico Ahrens

Advisor in Education, Business Development, Marketing, New Projects & Process Streamlining.

Always thinking about sales, streamlining processes, increasing brand visibility, managing perceptions that make a difference and on the look out for synergies among all of the above. A doer, mapmaker, entrepreneur, and consultant.

He collaborates in projects such as Why Consultors, Fundesem Business School, Se7ensunglasses, and Mapmakers. He has done business worldwide with top-level companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, BBVA, Red Cross or HSBC.

Enrico Ahrens works in IG as an adviser in different business areas such as Education, Business Development, Marketing, new projects and process streamlining.