Ushuaia: Digital strategic and tactical audit based on boosting the most tech-friendly hotel & beach club with worldwide projection. To a clearer and better direction in marketing and digital communication. 


When: 2013.

Who: Oscar Valdelvira, Aitor Contreras, Álex Rubio & Isra García.

“After months of dedication and hard work, the IG team completed a very precise deliverable that allowed us to extract data and conclusions of the utmost interest which helped us visualize our position as a brand and refocus certain aspects of our online strategy. 

The project was managed by a highly professional team of specialists that provided a very analytical approach in terms of strategy and trends analysis and developed a tactical plan and well-defined procedures.” – Iñaky Bau, Marketing Director.


% State of the Brand
% Digital Analysis
% Digital Strategy
% Digital Plan
% Digital Advising