Puerta a la Vida: Building an actionable marketing plan for a high-performance retreat-hub located in Costa Rica. 


When: 2014 – 2015.

Who: Isra García.


Working with IG was a breath of fresh air, to see a firm that understood these challenges and how companies needed to adapt. It was walking into uncharted territory but we soon learned that is where Isra and his firm work best. Disruption takes a keen understanding not just of our brand out of the industry we exist in and the crossover with other industries that affect us. They not only immersed himself in our brand but has their finger on the pulse of this change, of this connected economy.


IG’s work on Puerta a la Vida and our sub-brand experience Vida was pivotal for us both in our internal and external communications and our defining our value proposition to the world .” – Edward Zaydelman / CEO.