Inconformistas Program:

developing idea-concept,

contents, business model

and goals for a micro-MBA.

Carried out across the main cities of Spain and being turned into a book and a lifestyle model. 


When: 2014 up until now.

Who: Circulo Rojo + Charlie Abad Estudio + Josef Ajram + Isra Garcia.


After two days attending the course #inconformistas

with Josef Ajram and Isra García, I’m really glad I attended.

I won’t sugarcoat it; it’s been hard (16 intense hours) but very gratifying.

Two expert guides have accompanied us,

sharing with us not only techniques but also values that are now

available to us to implement in our everyday life,

and which I’m sure will help us start new professional projects” – Haidé Costa / Judilaw.


A programme that is anything but conventional, where you learn from

both facilitators and participants.

The content is dense and energetic but the synergies and energies

that you experience in it with the other students are endless.” – Carlos Abad / Creative.


% Conceptualization
% Project Management
% Branding
% Digital Marketing
% Events Production
S&E Strategy & Execution
CCC Content Creation / Curation
BD Business Development
CC Customer Care
CS Cross Selling