Amnesia Ibiza: Digitalizing and humanizing a worldwide brand, creating Return on Investment per Interaction (ROII) and an increase in online sales of 120% from one year to the next.


When: 2011 – 2014.

Who: Aitor Contreras, Katie Hayley Knight & Isra García.


At a time when social media and, in general, the digital presence was only starting to become relevant, IG was able not only to imprint a unique character to the online communication of Amnesia Ibiza but to accompany this “personality” with results. This strategy, together with the attitude displayed by Isra and his team has, without a doubt, made it possible for Amnesia Ibiza’s digital presence today to be healthy and unique” – Martín Ferrer Vega – Artistic Director & Owner.


% Digital Marketing
% Human Media
% Marketing
% Community Engagement
% Real time marketing