The question isn’t if you’re able to make it happen. The question is really:

Isra García was born in Alcoy (Alicante) on 7th October 1982. When he was six, he was the only one in his class who had to re-sit Year One. At eight, Isra is diagnosed with dyslexia. He left school at 18 and trained to be a plumber. A year later he became an apprentice in period dressmaking. From there, he went on to work in a textile factory where he worked 12 hours a day, six days a week, doing day and night shifts. In that period, he realizes one day that choice, not opportunity, is what defines our fate. He steers away from the written path and starts a journey that will change his life and the lives of many others. He’s a self-made person.

Today, Isra is considered a leading figure in marketing, disruption, and the new digital economy across Europe and LATAM, and is one of the most renowned and valued speakers across countries. He’s even mentoring a Techstars (New York) one of the largest startups’ accelerators in the world.

So far: 58 agency works, 58 businesses advised, 420 speaking engagements, 4.160 blog posts, 33 projects, 8 books, 457 lecture, 6 companies founded, 19 adventures, 35 experiments, and many failures.

A marketer, adviser, speaker,educator and an agent for change. He is a specialist in disruptive innovation and business transformation in the new economy.

Isra García is Principal at IG, founder, and creator of the Stand OUT Program, a disruptive model of professional education. He is Founder of Engage Worldwide (Miami) and Engage Colombia. He is the author of Human MediaMapmakers, Burning Man Quest, Ultraproductivity and 20 Days of Silence. Co-author of Digital Marketing for Dummies and How to Become Unstoppable. Co-Founder of the brand Mapmakers, one of the most popular collaborative platform regarding the personal and professional change in Spanish. With Josef Ajram, he launched two of his latest projects: Guateque, a nightlife brand, and ‘Inconformistas,’ a very successful and vocational training non-conventional guerrilla MBA program, which has been turned into a book, their most recent book.

For more than two years now, Isra has been part of the “Best Thinkers” programme started by Social Media Today, a world reference online platform for new forms of communication, digital innovation, and Social Media. He is considered to be one of the most influential professionals in the Digital Economy in Europe and a personality well-known in LATAM and USA. On top of this, Isra was appointed one of the Top 20 social media bloggers by Solomon McCown, a renowned U.S. PR Company. His blog about the Internet, the new economy, digital, marketing, disruption, lifestyle, leadership, innovation, productivity, and change has more than 140,000 visits every month.

After creating his brand and forging a career on his own between 2008 and 2010, Isra launched his agency at the age of 27, specializing in new forms of communication, digital transformation, and online marketing: IG. Today, at the age of 36, he has taken part in more than 398 industry events and conferences across the world: among others, as a TEDx speaker on three occasions and once at Do Lectures. He has also collaborated with large brands and international agencies such as EMI Music (Spain-Portugal), BlackBerry (UK-Ireland), MTV (UK), Pioneer (UK), AdAge Digital (USA), blur Group (UK-USA). Lacasitos, Ushuaia Beach Hotel (Ibiza), Amnesia Ibiza (Spain), Music On (Spain-Italy), BC Group, Cibergestión, Disney or Grupo Palladium, among others. He has been a promoter of MONK (UK-Italy-Sao Paulo), the first Human Media Marketing agency, working in the position of Human Media Evangelist and Adviser. Isra has also been involved as Head of Digital in Bridges for Music (South Africa-India-Brazil), an international NGO that fosters and encourages change, talent and opportunities for improvement in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet. He has also led the personal brand of one of the most influential artists in the world of electronic music: Marco Carola. He worked as a digital advisor for Raptor Marketing (UK) and as a Social Media Marketing advisor for Harbor Ithaka Wealth Management (Miami). He was also involved in the crypto and blockchain world with Cryptosolartech. Now he’s leading advisor at Hello Demo and marketing advisor at Paperchain.

As an author, besides publishing seven books in the past four years, Isra García writes in international publications such as Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner or SmartBrief and has also collaborated with international magazines in countries such as Chile, Colombia, UK or USA. He has been invited as a guest lecturer at the Nottingham Business School, University of Leeds and University of Manchester, University of Externado (Colombia), University of Leon, University of Los Andes (Colombia). And to participate in Congresses held in business schools such as EOI or Fundesem Business School. He is also co-founder and organizer of the events Adictos Social Media and Internet Cambia Todo.

Create something inside that creates change outside

Alongside his professional life, Isra García’s life philosophy is to live as intensely as he works, pushing his intellectual work beyond his limits. After ending his first triathlon in 2011 and managing to finish the Ironman competition in 2012, he carried out a double challenge in extreme sports in 2013 with only six months’ preparation. First, he managed to finish the Ironman UK and, 30 days later, the Ultraman competition (10 km swimming, 420.4 km cycling and 84.3 km running, in 3 days). It is an ultra-resistance competition, where only 10 athletes from around the world participate. He is one of just 190 people to have finished this race. In 2014, he completed his first social adventure: Burning Man Quest, a pioneering challenge that Isra devised as a charity event. It consisted of 573 km (467 km cycling, 6 km swimming and 100 km running) covering the distance between Fairfield (CA) to Black Rock City (NV), non-stop and without sleeping. The aim was to collect funds for building the first School of Music and Innovation in one of the townships of Langa (South Africa), having a positive impact on these disadvantaged communities.

He recently tackled his second challenge for charity but failed to reach the end and collect enough donations to build the first Centre to Assist Children with Cancer in Colombia. Desafío por la Vida consisted of completing three consecutive Ironman distances (678 km) in 3 days in Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, on June 4th, 5th, and 6th. Despite having an accident with a car on the first day, Isra continued on the second day but finally failed to achieve his purpose. He finished in 2016, the Titan Desert race, one of the Mountain Bike toughest challenges around the world, he did it without previous MTB experience and riding a fat bike. And also in the same year, he created his adventure, Live the Possibility, which consisted of riding (with a fat bike and driving a car) from Miami to Las Vegas in 24 days — and then doing Burning Man for the second time. In 2018 he finished Ride to Afrika Burn, 333 kilometers biking non-stop on fasting mode, from Capetown to Tankwa Karoo Desert. And Burning Man Quest on self-sufficiency mode, 8 days translated into almost 1.000 kilometers cycling on his own, from Hollywood (California) to Burning Man (Gerlach, Nevada).

Nowadays is involved in lifestyle experiments, from 20 days fasting or 21 days in complete silence to 4 months isolated from social networks or 8 months without having smartphone/phone, going for 40-day LSD microdosing trial or 48 days testing nootropics for enhancing his cognitive pathways, among other experiments.

Pinchingpeople’s behinds

My work, as a marketer, and as Isra, is based on reflecting a change, inspiration, and disruption in people, leading their ideas through the connected economy. I care about human interactions. That is why I work so that new forms of communication and marketing, business, and the Internet collide with human nature, emotions, feelings, and relationships. I’m now also involved in projects as an advisor and programs as a mentor.

My work at IG and as Isra will only be inspiring, gratifying and enriching as long as it continues to be disruptive, enlightening, and intense; accountable only to excellence. I frequently say that we probably won’t become Gurus or experts in a medium which evolve faster than our skill to master it. In any case, the only role of a Guru we need is to make you see you don’t need a Guru.

We work globally, with brands and companies, and with marketing and communication agencies, to bridge the gap between human relations. And the interactions that result from them and the company’s objectives and digital transformation strategies that affect both: the online and offline worlds. That is why we create symbiotic models that are hardwired into the business. Once information is collected and analyzed, processes are structured and redefined, and internal and external conversations are transcribed, dissected and turned into actions; that is when we start to see the opportunity of bringing people, departments, businesses, and thoughts together. The work then becomes the acknowledgment of new opportunities, leading and creating the change necessary to align elements in new directions. That is how we develop revolutionary beings and, hence, revolutions that change the interaction between the brand and its audience, the rules, the game, the company and, maybe, the system.

My job is creating a positive impact on people and organizations through marketing.

Working for learningand learning for working

Isra García as an Advisor & Consultant
Isra has worked and is working for some companies, agencies, and organizations as:
  1. TechStars (United States)
  2. Lacasitos (Spain).
  3. Panama Jack (Spain)
  4. EMI Music (Spain-Portugal)
  5. Galletas Gullón (Spain)
  6. BlackBerry (United Kingdom-Ireland)
  7. MTV (Reino Unido),
  8. Pioneer (United Kingdom)
  9. Blur Group (United Kingdom)
  10. Nacho Vidal.
  11. Teatro Marbella (Spain)
  12. Cibergestión by BC Group (Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico)
  13. Ushuaia Ibiza (Spain)
  14. elRow Family (Spain)
  15. Paperchain (United States)
  16. Hello Demo (Spain)
  17. Envoy Chain (UK)
  18. Ilusia (Spain)
  19. Ilai (Spain)
  20. Strap (Spain)
  21. Palladium Group (Spain – Caribbean).
  22. Amnesia Ibiza (Spain).
  23. Sónar Festival (Spain)
  24. Disney (Spain).
  25. Gunitec Concept Pools (Europe).
  26. Puzzle Gold (Spain)
  27. Kryptobits (Spain)
  28. Cryptsolar (Spain)
  29. Bouzy Rouge (Melbourne)
  30. Blue Waves Surfcamp (Morocco)
  31. Music On (Spain-Italy).
  32. Compensar (Colombia)
  33. Dreamers Marbella (Spain)
  34. Tasnet – Grupo Micronet (Colombia)
  35. IPE Bolivia (Bolivia)
  36. DeRose Tribeca (New York)
  37. Bancolombia (Colombia)
  38. Comfandi (Colombia)
  39. Novartis (Colombia)
  40. International Music Summit (Ibiza)
  41. Baño y Diseño – Cherry Bath. (Spain)
  42. MONK (United Kingdom-Italy-Sao Paulo)
  43. Marco Carola.
  44. Teatro Marbella (Spain)
  45. Groovety – Media PRO (Spain)
  46. Sodexo (LATAM)
  47. Harbor Ithaka Wealth Management. (USA)
  48. Malas Meninas – A Puntadas (Spain)
  49. Hogar Abierto (Spain)
  50. Carretones Solidarios (Spain)
  51. Ojo de Agua (Spain)
  52. Fundación FISAT (Spain)
  53. Fundación Biblioseo (Colombia)
  54. ADQV – Alimentos que dan vida (Spain)
  55. Raptor Marketing (United Kingdom)
  56. Codensa (Colombia)
  57. Club Naútico (Uruguay)
  58. Club Atlético Olimpia (Uruguay)
  59. Club Tabaré (Uruguay)
Isra Garcia as a Speaker
Some brands and organizations Isra has spoken for:
  1. TechStars (United States)
  2. F.C. Barcelona (Spain)
  3. Disney (Spain)
  4. Sodexo (LATAM)
  5. Dominican Republic Vice-presidency (Dominican Republic)
  6. Sonar Festival (Spain)
  7. Codensa (Colombia)
  8. El País (Spain)
  9. 3M (Colombia)
  11. Kellog’s (Colombia)
  13. Gioseppo (Spain)
  14. Seminairum (Peru)
  15. TEDxFundesem (Spain)
  16. TEDx Sevilla (Spain)
  17. TEDx Villa Campestre (Colombia)
  18. Do Lectures (Costa Rica)
  19. EOI (Spain)
  20. Helm (LATAM)
  21. CAINCO (Bolivia)
  22. CNB (Bolivia)
  23. Price Waterhouse Coopers (Colombia)
  24. Bancolombia (Colombia)
  25. Corpbanca (LATAM)
  26. Seguros Bolivar (Colombia)
  27. SURA (LATAM)
  28. International Music Summit (Spain)
  29. “El Ser Creativo” (Spain)
  30. Yanbal (Ecuador – Bolivia – Colombia)
  31. Almacenes Éxito (Colombia)
  32. Alpina (Colombia)
  33. Postobon & Nutresa (Colombia)
  34. IAB (Colombia)
  35. EOI (Spain)
  36. ACDECC (Colombia)
  37. Century 21 (Spain)
  38. Grupo Maxus (Spain)
  39. International Music Summit (Spain)
  40. Cámara de Comercio (Spain)
  41. CEAJE (Spain)
  42. GNF (Spain)
  43. Diputación de Alicante.
  44. Diputación de Valencia.
  45. NGAHR.
Isra García as a Blogger
Isra Blogs and has blogged for:
  1. FastCompany: thought leaders on inventing the future of business through innovation, creativity, and disruption
  2. Social Media Today: the best thinkers on the social web.
  3. Social Media Examiner: most popular social media site for professionals.
  4. Smart Brief: the essential e-mail based and content association for different business fields.
  5. INyES Latino: the most significant and most crucial marketing community site in LATAM
  6. Rutgers: the professional blog of Rutgers University (NY – Brooklyn)
  7. Expansion: the biggest and most known business publication in Spain.
  8. The startup: one of the leading Medium publications.
Isra Garcia as an Educator
Isra is genuinely interested /involved in education:
  1. Alchemist TechStars Blockchain Accelerator Program (United States)
  2. University of Leeds (United Kingdom)
  3. University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
  4. University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)
  5. Nottingham Business School (United Kingdom)
  6. Fundesem (Spain)
  7. EOI (Spain)
  8. Deusto (Spain)
  9. University of Alicante (Spain)
  10. University Politecnica of Valencia (Spain)
  11. University of Leon (Spain)
  12. University of Externado (Colombia)